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Author M.R. Neer

M.R. Neer (aka Michael Roy Neer) writes fairy tales, fables, and legends about the quest for the secrets of life. He believes that deep human values are universal and can be awakened through stories.

The Elixir of Freedom

Three 5-star Reviews from Readers’ Favorite
Amazon Bestseller in two categories, August 2016

The Elixir of Freedom is a young adult utopian novel. The main characters, Ravi and Verda, go on a quest to find the light that will defeat all darkness and help them rescue his brother who has been forced into hard labor in the mines. Through a series of adventures, they have a transforming experience of light that is embodied in an elixir made of sap and sunlight. Sharing a taste of this elixir of freedom changes them, their families, their enemies, and their world. You are invited to find the secret to your own freedom in this legend that transcends time.

The Elixir of Freedom is now available on Amazon. Click here.

Junah Tales

Winner of Silver Medal in Readers’ Favorite Award Contest in Children’s Fables category
Five 5-star Reviews from Readers’ Favorite
Five-Star Review from The Red-Headed Book Lover Blog in UK

Follow the adventures of Junah Cat, Mo Mouse, and Hannah Hummingbird as they look for the secret of the garden. These are fables for a healthy happy life, written for 5th grade (age 10) and up, although younger kids may enjoy hearing the stories and viewing the wonderful illustrations by Gwenna Merriman.

These fables are animal stories like Aesop wrote, but now the life lessons are more modern and wellness-oriented. One example of ‘Junah’s purr’ is when night sounds blend together into one song, and he realizes that “the whole is more than the sum of the parts.” I think you’ll enjoy meeting Junah and his friends. Be sure to listen for his purr!  Click here or on the image to order the book.

The Four Tasks of Love

Journey with the prince and princess as they complete the wise king’s four tasks. The amazing events that unfold will touch your heart — and lead you to look at the one you love with new eyes. Great for couples and children. Available as an ebook at Kindle or Barnes & Noble or  Kobo or Smashwords or free here as a PDF.