M.R. Neer (aka Michael Roy Neer) writes fairy tales, fables, and legends about the quest for the secrets of life. He believes that deep human values are universal and can be awakened through stories.

He has enjoyed a long career of organizing words in creative ways as an English teacher, curriculum specialist, magazine publisher, book editor, and long-time teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique.  He has won awards for journalism, newsletter writing, and teaching, and makes his home in Fresno, California.

He likes to think of organizing words as similar to connect-the-dot puzzles he enjoyed as a kid. When you connect the dots, something that is hidden suddenly appears; it’s magical! The light goes on!  This quest for connections, for light, has directly led to this his first novel, and this series of books, The Light Finder Legends.

To schedule book signings, author talks, or workshops, contact:

M.R. Neer at mrneer@mrneer.com  or www.mrneer.com

Other Projects

M.R. Neer is also the curator of the website for Consciousness Inspired Literature or www.CI-Lit.comEver read a book that describes experiences of higher consciousness, insights into personal growth, the quest for knowledge, the flow of love on all levels, and the joy of unfolding refined perception? The Facebook page and website for CI-Lit is a way to find such books, written by contemporary authors or even some from years ago. It’s the flavor of consciousness that counts.